Courtland Partners Europe Limited


Distinguishing Features

Courtland has many distinguishing features, including the following:

Exclusive Real Asset Consulting Focus

Courtland's most important distinguishing feature is that the firm has continued to have an exclusive focus on real asset investment consulting. We do not have a practice largely focused on servicing general consulting clients. We also do not provide fund-of-funds or co-investment fund products. Our practice is focused exclusively on real estate consulting (and also infrastructure, timber, and agriculture when included in a client's mandate).


Global Investment Experience and Relationships

We believe that a key competitive advantage Courtland offers is a unique, global approach to the institutional real estate markets. Courtland professionals were recommending international real estate allocations to firm clients long before it became commonplace for pension funds and other institutional investors to do so and long before other consulting firms began to focus on markets outside of the United States. While this investment field has become much more crowded in recent years, Courtland consistently has been able to provide our clients with strong international returns.

Courtland has made recommendations on over $72 billion of client investment commitments. Approximately half, or $32 billion, of these recommendations involved non-U.S. allocations, providing Courtland personnel a unique level of international investment experience. In addition, Courtland personnel have lived in many real estate regions, including Europe, South America and Asia. Through our due diligence and firsthand experience in these markets, we have developed key relationships that have enhanced our services to map of countries


Courtland has proactively hired individuals with international work experience and expertise. Courtland has the following language skills on our staff to assist with international due diligence:

  • Gianluca Romano: Italian
  • Charles Manak: French and German
  • Marc Rivitz: Portuguese and Spanish
  • Susan Yelin: Mandarin

Multidisciplinary Depth of Firm Resources

Courtland is headquarterd in Cleveland and has an office in Los Angeles along with employees in New York, and London. We are looking to add personnel in Asia. Courtland personnel have diverse backgrounds that enable the firm to provide superior quality services. Their backgrounds include: real estate investment officer of a state pension fund, property management, asset management, valuation services, REOC senior management, workout consulting, real estate investment banking, REOC accounting and reporting, real estate law, research and real estate development. This diversity of real estate experience in our view is essential in providing quality consulting services.


Performance Measurement System

The current Courtland database is a proprietary Oracle Essbase multidimensional database which records and reports clients' investment performance. The database is comprised of nine dimensions that depict how Courtland reports on its clients' investment performance and how those investments consolidate through fund groupings, fund managers and the various investment types. In addition, Courtland has assisted staff in developing customized performance reports. The real estate report, in particular has been modified over the years based upon the input of staff. Courtland's system permits this level of customization, which we believe is unique.


Courtland Partners Index/Courtland's Manager Databases

Courtland maintains three databases internally that include both public and private offerings. The Courtland Partners Index is a self-administered, proprietary database of over $580 billion of real estate assets providing both time-weighted and dollar-weighted gross and net performance returns. It contains active investments and including historical/liquidated information, has over 765 total investments. Courtland's manager/product database has been developed and maintained by the firm since inception. It includes manager libraries, which include RFP responses, and other manager information in addition to due diligence, return performance and other relevant market information. Courtland also maintains a Fund Offerings Database online, which is linked off of the Courtland website. This database includes over 450 current and past memoranda relating to potential client investments.